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About Us

Serving the area since our formation in 2009 by Dr. Rachel Ge, Titan Engineering has striven to provide the most advanced technology to meet your medical needs. In 2015 Titan Engineering is working on the release of its most important product yet: Panacea. Called by some “the end of illness,” Panacea is scheduled for a tentative mass market release sometime this year. For more information on how this product works, visit our testimonials page.


Our Story  

Titan Engineering has been led throughout the years by an extraordinary and talented team that continues to push the boundaries of science. Find more about them here.


Titan Engineering is dedicated to creating inventive solutions to everyday problems. Explore our past and future successes here.

Welcome to Titan Engineering, the foremost producer of biomedical technology in the state of Ohio. At Titan, we create a better tomorrow, today.
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